Tuesday, November 30, 2010

we should see other people

I can't believe I didn't blog about the following story right after it happened, it was that amazing haha.

So I go into independent film class and sit down in a new row (one up from where I normally sit).  I put my bag on the seat next to me to save my friend Morgan's seat since she bbmed me saying she was going to be a little late.  Then, to my right, this eccentric boy comes over and starts talking to me about the extra credit assignment, my major, blah blah blah.  Then we shake hands and tell each other our names.  His was Aaron.  Mine is Brooke as all of you know.

Then a boy to my left, with eyes I hadn't noticed before (they're like the color of honey), starts talking to me about...what do you know?...the extra credit.  And then blackout...the movie starts.  For the first half of the movie I was wondering: why in a class that's been going on for 14 weeks, did people finally start talking to me?  Was it because I borrowed Kelcy's blazer?  Was it the way my skinny jeans met my Vans boat shoes?  Was it my white v-neck?  Or maybe the Cheez-Its and chocolate chip cookies poking out of my bag?  Anyway, that's not even the point of this story.

The movie ends.  The note-taking is complete.  Class is dismissed.  And Aaron's standing up and faced towards me.  He says, and I quote:  "Well Brooke, it was fun, but I think we should see other people."  And that was that.  I couldn't do anything but laugh.  And it definitely made my day.

the gift of giving

This holiday season I decided, for myself, that I want to find out what the gift of giving is all about.  For the past 19 Christmases that I have had, I've been carried away with my Christmas List, what I want, and basically it's been all about take take take.  This year, I don't really know what I want for Christmas.  Except maybe some warms clothes to update my wardrobe.

That's why I'm making it my priority to be a giver this season.  I already decided that I want to make homemade holiday cards to send out to my friends, but as I was scrolling through weheartit, I have finally found the gift that I plan on giving.  It's simple, yummy, and cute.  It's a s'mores kit!  (Feel free to steal the idea, I know I did.)
<3 <3 <3
Also...a special thank you to Lindsay at scenic glory for the stylish blogger award!!  Check out my seven things post here :)

Monday, November 29, 2010


I am loving quotes by Paulo Coelho at the moment!

I think this is one that I've been doing lately.  It's all about mind over matter.  If I'm stressed out about a busy section at work, or a huge project that I have due tomorrow, I just step back, breath, imagine myself getting through it, and then I live it.  

I'll leave you with some other amazing quotes by Paolo Coelho:

"When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it."

"You have to take risks.  We will only understand the miracle of life 
fully when we allow the unexpected to happen."

"The moment of that kiss contained every happy moment
I had ever lived."
"No one can lie, no one can hide anything,
when he looks directly into someone's eyes."

Sunday, November 28, 2010


Day Nine: Discuss three things you want to see change.

One: I'd like to see my room go from dirty to clean, in the snap of a finger.
one day my closet will look like this.
complete with cute blazers and classy purses
For some reason I have  a ridiculous amount of clothes all over my floor.  It didn't seem to be a problem in the summer because my laundry basket fit all of the little shorts and tank tops, but now that I've been wearing pants and sweaters it's nearly impossible to fit a weeks worth of clothes in the trash can that is my laundry basket.

Two: I'd like to have another cheap place to go eat.
rice, black beans, pico de gallo,
extra hot, sourcream, cheese, guacamole,
lettuce = perfection <3

Yeah, I love me some Chipotle.  But when I'm brainstorming places to eat out (for around $6.50) and I can only think of one place for the life of me, it's time to branch out.  I'm still going to always love Chipotle, and I don't forsee finding another restaurant that I love as much as I do Chipotle in the future, I would like to maybe do Chipotle every other day instead of every day.

Three: I'd love to trade half of my "relaxed and casual" closet into a "classy and sophisticated" one.
i think lauren conrad blends west coast
with feminine and classy perfectly :)

(pic stolen from hellolovey.blogspot.com)

Especially if I get into the business school in Milan next Fall, I need to be dressing a bit more fashionable.  I can't get away with flip flops and ripped shorts there.  It's the fashion capital of the world.  And the style is a liiiittle bit different than the west coast.

Well, Kelcy's falling asleep, and I told her that she couldn't go to bed until she reads my blog.  So time to go :) Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

work, work, work

If I had one word for this weekend, it would be work.

I worked last night, I worked this morning, I work tomorrow morning, and then once again on Monday night.  Below you'll see some pictures of me sporting my work outfit when I was messing around on photobooth before work last night.

kisses for all my followers <3
snazzy sayings

All of the shirts at the restaurant have funny sayings.  "boys like it." "free sax." "menu can trust." and the latest: "legalize marinara."

Friday, November 26, 2010

stylish seven things

Okay, so I finally have some time to do this whole seven things thing!!

I was so happy when I looked at Kai's blog and saw that she gave me the Stylish Blogger Award!!  I love reading her blog and so I was beyond honored when she felt inspired by me too! :)

So thank you so much, Kai! I saw these things going around the blog world, and I thought if I had to pick seven blogs yours would definitely be one of them! But you beat me to it <3

The rules:
-Thank the person who gave you the award.
-Name 7 facts about yourself.
-Give the award to seven stylish bloggers, and comment them letting them know!

One.  I've participated in a ton of hobbies, but I never really got good at any of them.  I did soccer when I was five.  I did gymnastics after that until I was nine and I was pretty good at it for my age!  But I quit before it was time to learn how to backflip and use both of the uneven bars (top and bottom).  I did dance (modern, tap, ballet, hip hop, everything) for many years after that.  Once junior high hit, I went to a school where we did ballet every afternoon.  By freshman year of high school, I was burned out.  Then I did basketball one summer.  Tae Kwon Do for two years, but I quit two months before I was going to test for my black belt. And soccer for Junior year of high school.  I've played a variety of instruments but never got amazing at one.  Piano, violin, flute, clarinet, and the one I miss the most: drums. 
Two. I'm a little obsessed with PerezHilton.com.  I don't get "star struck" when I see or talk to celebrities, but perezhilton.com is definitely a guilty pleasure of mine.  It's kind of how I keep up on my news, though.  Even though it's mostly about celebrities, sometimes I'll learn things about the real news too.  It's getting to be less of a secret, unfortunately.  Now when I talk about facts (or rumors) I've heard, all my friends say, "Did you learn that from Perez?" And of course I say yes.  It's something about those drawn on pictures that get me every time.
Three.  My room looks like a garage.  No, it really does.  I have a hub cap, magnetic dart board, santa hat, 6 baseball caps, one weird hawaiian/beach straw hat, black bandanas, and red clocks that don't work all over my walls.  Oh, and that street sign that Dad and I smuggled from an airport in Hawaii.  And don't forget the painted hand drum from South Africa.  I also have a fridge in here.  No, there's no food in it.  It's where I keep my beach towel and hang my clothes that have broken straps.
Four.  I am obsessed with Italy.  I've posted about it before and talk about it all the time, but I love Italy.  I love the language, the people, and especially the boys.  I have a weakness for Italians.  There, I said it.  If I already like a boy, my like grows so much more when I find out he's Italian.  Maybe it's the love for good food?  Or the tall, dark, and handsome aspect? Or that my first kiss was with an Italian boy on vacation from Rome when I worked as a pool girl at a hotel during high school.  It's mostly the last one <3 
River Ranch days...
Yes, I realize I was a little old when I had my first kiss.
Five.  I wish I was an artist.  My great uncle was an artist.  My mom was pretty good herself.  I've always wanted to do something artistic.  I draw when I feel sad. My most recent art is spray painting.  Not like grafitti, but those space type paintings, but I wouldn't do space.  Just search "spray paint art" on youtube.  It's pretty incredible.  I bought about $60 dollars worth of spray paint about 3 months ago.  I haven't touched them.  First, my excuse was that it's too hot outside.  Now it's too cold...and I don't want to get my fingers frozen, or the other option, my gloves all discolored.

Six.  I'm horrible at dressing myself.  Kelcy and Paige can attest to this one.  I'll come out of my room thinking I look so hot and good, and they're like, "Brooke, are you joking?"  Then I get shy and sad, and they have to help me pick out a new outfit.  I guess it's a good thing that I'm experimental with fashion, but I fear for the day I don't live with them.  I might end up walking out of the house looking like the picture below.  It was my favorite fancy outfit. And I wore it at least three times to important events.
[I can't find the picture, but I think it's better that way hahaha]

Seven.  I've never had a real boyfriend.  I've been a "girlfriend" twice, one for two weeks and the other for a month.  It'll be surreal when it happens, but right now I'm happy being single and happy.  I figure it's not worth it to waste "exclusive" time with someone who's not amazing.  After all, you don't want to be taken when that special someone comes along.  I'm still learning my lessons, but I think I'm getting smarter every time about who I choose to spend my time with.  Keep looking at my blog for quotes that have to do with this, you'll see them a lot.  

And now the seven blogs that I'm passing this award on to!  Congratulations, girls (and boy) :)  And if you've already done it, then I guess you don't have to do it again, but just know that you're blog is loved <3

Emily at daily eday
Ashley at purse n' boots

I love and follow so many more, and thank you to all of those that read, comment, and support my blog! <333  Making a blog in May of last year was one of the best decisions, ever!


My friend Heather has a Marc Jacobs bag that she got when she went to China, and I've been looking for it online everywhere!  Right now I have a small, boho-type bag, but now that it's the classy, holiday season, I'm looking for a sleek, black bag to go in this shopping bag.

And has anyone heard anything more about the iPhone coming to Verizon in January?!  I've been waiting patiently for so long, and I really hope they're serious this time :)

A black purse, and designer (or designer looking) iPhone cover will help me fulfill my new goal to be classy.

rushed cooking & kitties

First off, Happy Thanksgiving (a day late)!!

After I had to work on Wednesday, Kelcy and I met up with Mom and Dad at Flavors of India, our favorite Indian restaurant!  It was awesome to go there and have a fabulous meal, because in Tempe there aren't the greatest Indian restaurants.  It was a treat to treat my tastebuds to something incredible.  After dinner, we went back to the house we grew up in to hang out with Mom and Dad.  Mom, Kelc, and I had ice cream on the couch while watching taped SNL shows and "What a Girl Wants".  Shadow came up and sat with me and Mom and Kelcy thought it was really gross that I let Shadow eat some of my ice cream, and then I continued to eat it.  According to my mom, "Shadow licks butts".

Shadow sharing my ice cream <3
i <3 him
The next morning, we took Daddy to the airport (him and my brother will be in South America for the next three weeks!)  We took some cute "goodbye" pictures for his traveling blog.  Now it was time to get cooking.  We made mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, and "mummies" (a vegetarian meat shaped like coffins with gravy since we're veggies).  We were dancing and laughing and having an awesome time in the kitchen.  But we were a bit distracted...we threw away the remaining milk after we used it for the green bean casserole, and so we had no milk to put in the potatoes, just lots & lots of butter.  Oh, and we forgot to put the casserole in the oven until the time we were supposed to leave to my aunts. And then we forgot to cook the "mummies" until Kelcy said, "are we cooking these at Aunt Patty's?"  So needless to say, we were late for our Thanksgiving lunch/dinner (linner), which was really fun.

We got back to the house around 5 and Nick (Kelcy's boyf) came over to spend sometime with Momma.  We made Mom's famous spinach dip, played Taboo, watched "The Breakup" (and I didn't realize her name's Brooke in the movie!), and I forced everyone to watch "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" with me.  It's silly shows like this that you miss when you, as a poor college student, don't want to pay for cable tv, or tv at all for that matter haha.

I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving too!!  Unfortunately, this weekend won't prove as fun. It's work, work, work, and I guess that's what you get when you don't live far away and go away for breaks.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

kelcy saves the day

Today was a LONNNNNG day.  

My day:

-Wake up at 7:45 to take Olivia to the airport.
-Kelcy took me to class on her way to work so I wouldn't have to bike in the cold.
-Homework from 9:00 til 10:15.  
-Class from 10:30 til 11:45. 
-Library (a.k.a. hard core finals study-guiding) 12:00-3:00 when my computer died.
-Campus market for lunch: for some reason I chose a disgusting mixture of this Odwalla Chocolate Protein shake I've never tried before, cheddar cheese stick, cheez-its, and   salted cashews even though I've never purchased nuts in my life.
-I then switched locations to the basement of this cold, cement building and my fingers froze up and prevented me from typing well.
the project i finally finished
and my array of bad food choices
-Kelcy got off work and called me.  I was disgusted by my choice of lunch, and so she saved the day and picked me up for Chipotle!  Which always makes the day better.  
-I got dropped off for my independent film class, and this cute boy in sweatpants sat next to me.
-Kelcy and Nick picked me up and we went to Starbucks (on Kelcy!! <33 )
-Then we went shopping and I bought a cute jacket from forever xxi.
-And I just finished about two more hours of homework...but I got it sent out and finished! -On to the next one...

      cherish your solitude

      I found a quote by Eve Ensler the other day, but it's really more of a to-do list.

       "Cherish your solitude.
         Take trains by yourself to places you have never been.
           Sleep alone under the stars.
         Learn how to drive a stick shift. ( I learned but I can't seem to get to third gear...)
         Go so far away that you stop being afraid of not coming back.
            Say no whenever you don't want to do something.
          Say yes if your instincts are strong, even if everyone around you disagrees.
          Decide whether you want to be liked or admired.
      ☐   Decide if fitting in is more important than finding out what you're doing here.
         Believe in kissing."

      Monday, November 22, 2010

      never stop traveling

      Day Eight:  A photo of somewhere you've been to.

      I have been amazingly lucky to have the opportunity to travel.  My dad used to judge Arabian horses and that's where it all started.  The pictures of our family's earlier trips are lost somewhere on my old computer and in photo albums at home, but it's kind of a blessing in disguise since they happened during my awkward years (haha!).

      Paris, France (2000)
      Australia and Tasmania (2003)
      England and Scotland (2004)
      Rome, Italy (my favorite: 2005)
      Manitoulin Island, Ontario (every summer for 7 years)
      I miss boating all day, everyday.
      Spain (2007)
      Looking over Toledo, Spain
      Playground at the Parc de Madrid
      We crashed Christmas Tea at The Ritz Carlton
      New York City (2008)

      Mexico (2008)
      Our gorgeous jet ski instructor!
      Las Vegas (2009)

      Hawaii (2009)

      New Zealand (2009)
      Traffic detour for the sheep <33
      South Africa (2010)

      Sorry about all of the images!! This was more of a post for me to relive the amazing memories I had in all of these amazing places.  It's easy to think that the city you're living in is the only one that's bustling with people, emotions, and everything.  When in reality, it's happening everywhere.  Some people are sleeping, having dinner, waking up and making breakfast, at school, or walking down the street.  The world is huge, but it's so small at the same time.  And people everywhere are just like you.

      Sunday, November 21, 2010

      don't forget to live

      I was flipping through the pages of those little books they have near "hallmark type" things today when Kelcy and I were looking for a thank you note for the COO of Oregano's.  I don't remember the title of the little memento gift, but I did take a picture of one of the quotes that I fell in love with.  I feel like it pertains to my life because I am always looking forward to the future, when I really need to start being excited about the present.

      "First I was dying to finish high school and start college,
      And then I was dying to finish college and start working,
      And then I was dying to marry and have children,
      And then I was dying for my children to grow old enough
      so I could get back to my career.
      And then I was dying to retire,
      And now I am dying...
      and suddenly realize that I forgot to live."
      --author unknown

      Saturday, November 20, 2010

      your song

      Day Seven: Post the favorite cover of your favorite song.

      I have a lot of favorite songs.  And I have a lot of favorite cover songs.  This is one that I discovered most recently, though.  I found it on one of the blogs I follow a few days ago (I just wish I could remember whose blog).   It is my favorite song by Sir Elton John sung by a girl named Ellie Goulding from England.  After falling in love with her voice and her version of the song, I am definitely going to be listening to more of her music.

      Enjoy <3

      i love birthdays

      Birthday weekends are my favorite hands down.  Yeah, it's nice to have all of your friends around celebrating your birthday, but it's almost more fun when it's someone else's birthday weekend.
      confetti and fun
      via weheartit

      Thursday was Olivia's surprise party.  And it was amazing to be involved.  She had no idea, and I'm a little surprised because she's usually good about having those type of "feelings".  Step one was to make her super sad.  All of the girls had planned and told her we would all go out for her birthday on Thursday night.  But, Leanne then told her that she was just going to go to the bars.  And on top of that, Kelcy told Olivia that Paige wasn't going to come out like she said she was, but she was going to stay in with her bf instead.  Step two was to surprise her with not only a party but to see the faces of the friends she thought she would not see that night.

      It was an awesome night, and here are a few pictures below...even though we took about 130!

      cheers to being best friends,
      no matter what.
      top: Kelcy, Livs, Paige, me
      bottom: Heather, Biannca, Leanne

      One of my other favorite events is when pictures from awhile back are posted so the memories are just relived.  You probably remember my post about Leanne's birthday weekend a couple weeks ago.  Here are some pictures from her mexican fiesta:

      huge dinner table

      most of the crew :)

      Thursday, November 18, 2010

      wittle kittens

      Day Six: Describe the earliest thing you can remember.

      It's hard to tell if I remember pictures or actual events from my childhood.  I can think of two moments that don't have pictures to go along with them, though.  So I know that it has to do with my memories.  

      The first is probably because of the trauma.  When Kelcy and I were 5, 6, or 7 (one of those "let's run through the house and be destructive and scare each other" years), we were playing Cops & Robbers.  I got to be the robber, and when Kelcy the Cop caught me, she put me in toy handcuffs.  She thought it'd be a good idea to punish me by swinging me around and we were laughing and having a grand, old time....until she let go of me and I landed flat on my chin on the kitchen floor.  I was bleeding and crying, and in all the hysteria my mom had to help Kelcy get me out of the handcuffs before we called over the family doctor from next door.  Oh, and I have a nice, lovely scar on my chin because I was too scared to get stitches, so that's a reminder.

      Also, lately a lot of the blogs I follow have been featuring pictures of the cutest kittens I have ever seen.  It reminds me of the time when I was five years old and I went to the AZ Humane Society with mom and Kelcy while my dad was out of town to buy kittens (since my Dad wouldn't allow it while he was in town).  I wanted this crying Siamese kitty, but it didn't get along with the kitten Kelcy wanted.  So I got Shadow.  A kitten that used to not eat so we were told he would probably die.  So we fed him anything he would agree to and now he's huge.  But I love him.  I just wish he didn't shed white hairs when I like wearing black pants and jackets.

      Wednesday, November 17, 2010

      ups & downs

      Today was a whirlwind.  There's not any other word to describe it.

      It started off early (at least for tired college students it was early).  Kelcy and I met Dad and a mystery guest at Oregano's for lunch at noon.  The special guest just so happened to be the COO of Oregano's (the restaurant we work at), and he was such a nice guy.  I guess Dad and him met sitting next to each other on a plane to Chicago.  Which is funny, because I didn't even know my Dad went to Chicago last weekend.  But anyways, it was an awesome lunch.

      Shawn the landlord was in our house when we got home trying to fix our sink.  You see, Paige found a leak in the kitchen sink, so Shawn came over and tried to fix it a couple of days ago.  He just made it worse.  So today he brought in a plumber to check it out, and now he's ordered a part that should be here by Friday.  So we've got smelly dishes waiting to be cleaned stacking up in there.

      School, laundry, and homework followed.

      Then, it was time for Olivia's birthday dinner at... what do you know?...Oregano's (but a different location).  Dinner was filled with a plethora/cornucopia/myriad (who saw that Evens Stevens episode?) of conversation topics.  Ups and downs.  Tears and laughs.  It was beyond crazy.  We got home, pow wow on my bed, and more insanity follows.  I'm not going to say anything more, except:

      Olivia, despite everything that happened today, I hope you had a great birthday because you deserve it.  Your three best friends are always here if you want to talk, and we love you.  We're like the girls on Sex and the City.  We'll be friends for a lifetime.  And to Kelcy and Paige, ditto to that. :)

      me, livvies, kelky, and paige
      <3 <3 <3 <3
      p.s. i'm sorry i'm so blunt.  
      i'll try and work on it, 
      but i have a feeling nothing's going to change.

      Tuesday, November 16, 2010

      it is a test

      I don't think she reads my blog, but this is a post dedicated to Heather :)

      "Distance is just a test to see how far love can travel."
      And in your case, it's from Arizona to Pittsburgh <3

      Monday, November 15, 2010

      thank you again

      Day 5:  Compose a thank you letter to someone who has changed your life.

      I'm going to go the easy route on this one.  The letter is here.  It was the first blog post I had ever made, and I thought it was a great introduction of me into the blog world.

      So I ask you to read it.  Nothing has changed.  I still believe every word.

      So here's the link again:  i'd like to say thank you

      And an added thank you to Olivia.  For becoming one of my best friends.  I can't wait to get internships in LA this summer, spend the summer with your family, have you as an additional roommate next year, and achieve all of our plans of success in beautiful, opportunistic Los Angeles.  If I had a champagne glass in my hand, I'd say, "Cheers to the next couple of years.  A summer in LA, another year in Arizona, and a lifetime of friendship in Los Angeles."

      Sunday, November 14, 2010

      see beauty

      "Youth is happy because it has the ability to see beauty...
      anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old."
      --Franz Kafka

      We just have to be open to seeing it in everything around us.

      Saturday, November 13, 2010

      paradise can be anywhere

      Day Four: Write about what you imagine paradise to be like.

      cruise to mexico 2008 <33
      I don't know if paradise is necessarily any one place.  I believe that it is a state or feeling of complete and utter happiness.  No worries.  No regret.  No doubt.  No jealousy.  Just love.  And not even a romantic type of love...although of course that would be nice.  Just a love from friends, family, and strangers.  Paradise would be 24 hours a day of those feelings we have maybe a few seconds a week.  Those seconds when we smile, but don't know why.  We look out the window, and we see nothing but beauty.  We drive with the windows down, and we realize that we really do live in a paradise.

      Obviously paradise would be a world without hunger, wars, hate, and fear.
      But I think everyone has the chance to experience a slice paradise, even if it is just for a few seconds.

      Friday, November 12, 2010

      one of those weekends...

      Kelcy, me, Livs, and Paigey
      a.k.a. my best friends <33

      This weekend was one for the books...and it's only Friday.  In fact, our weekend started on Tuesday.   Tuesday night the whole gang met up at Macayos for Leanne's 21st birthday dinner.  Wednesday night is where the fun happened, though.  Me, Kelcy, Paige, and Olivia danced and sang in Kelcy's room until it was time to walk to where the party would be happening.  The walk was only 8 minutes, which is amazing since parties and friends houses are never that close (even when driving).

      Once we were at the party, we had the best time.  We danced the night away, laughed a lot, and even had a mini photo shoot with our friend Joey's crutches.  The best part was that we actually remembered to take a lot of pictures!  So here's a little look see:

      it's not a complete night
      unless there's a spill...sorry livs!

      my favorite couple: Heather and Ben
      i just wish he lived in az!!
      there we go with the crutches :)
      i absolutely love group shots
      So, I'd say it was a pretty successful night.  Unfortunately, that night I hit my head on my headboard getting into bed and got a nice little gash on my eyebrow.  Hopefully it heals without scarring...but if not I guess that gives me character.  Me, Livs, and Paige were not a pretty sight the next morning when we went out for subs.  Frankly I think we scared the high school cheerleaders that were there.  But hey, what're you gonna do?
      that's my "i hope it doesn't scar but maybe
      it would be cool if it did" face ;)