Friday, November 12, 2010

one of those weekends...

Kelcy, me, Livs, and Paigey
a.k.a. my best friends <33

This weekend was one for the books...and it's only Friday.  In fact, our weekend started on Tuesday.   Tuesday night the whole gang met up at Macayos for Leanne's 21st birthday dinner.  Wednesday night is where the fun happened, though.  Me, Kelcy, Paige, and Olivia danced and sang in Kelcy's room until it was time to walk to where the party would be happening.  The walk was only 8 minutes, which is amazing since parties and friends houses are never that close (even when driving).

Once we were at the party, we had the best time.  We danced the night away, laughed a lot, and even had a mini photo shoot with our friend Joey's crutches.  The best part was that we actually remembered to take a lot of pictures!  So here's a little look see:

it's not a complete night
unless there's a spill...sorry livs!

my favorite couple: Heather and Ben
i just wish he lived in az!!
there we go with the crutches :)
i absolutely love group shots
So, I'd say it was a pretty successful night.  Unfortunately, that night I hit my head on my headboard getting into bed and got a nice little gash on my eyebrow.  Hopefully it heals without scarring...but if not I guess that gives me character.  Me, Livs, and Paige were not a pretty sight the next morning when we went out for subs.  Frankly I think we scared the high school cheerleaders that were there.  But hey, what're you gonna do?
that's my "i hope it doesn't scar but maybe
it would be cool if it did" face ;)


hello lovely said...

very cute pictures! i love group pictures too! i am the "photographer" friend in my group, so i always make sure to get group pictures. i know they'll be great memories to look back on one day.

Anonymous said...

theese pictures are so cute!! loving your bangs. that makes me want to cut my hairl

Tunes & Spoons said...

look at you and your cute friends and your gorgeous bangs!!! i cant wait to have long hair again!

Anonymous said...

love your blog, your so pretty !!

hiven said...

adorable x hivennn. Enter my giveaway? Six whole miss patina dresses to giveaway, ending tonight.

Natalie said...

just want to say all you girls are sooo beautiful!!!!!