Thursday, November 18, 2010

wittle kittens

Day Six: Describe the earliest thing you can remember.

It's hard to tell if I remember pictures or actual events from my childhood.  I can think of two moments that don't have pictures to go along with them, though.  So I know that it has to do with my memories.  

The first is probably because of the trauma.  When Kelcy and I were 5, 6, or 7 (one of those "let's run through the house and be destructive and scare each other" years), we were playing Cops & Robbers.  I got to be the robber, and when Kelcy the Cop caught me, she put me in toy handcuffs.  She thought it'd be a good idea to punish me by swinging me around and we were laughing and having a grand, old time....until she let go of me and I landed flat on my chin on the kitchen floor.  I was bleeding and crying, and in all the hysteria my mom had to help Kelcy get me out of the handcuffs before we called over the family doctor from next door.  Oh, and I have a nice, lovely scar on my chin because I was too scared to get stitches, so that's a reminder.

Also, lately a lot of the blogs I follow have been featuring pictures of the cutest kittens I have ever seen.  It reminds me of the time when I was five years old and I went to the AZ Humane Society with mom and Kelcy while my dad was out of town to buy kittens (since my Dad wouldn't allow it while he was in town).  I wanted this crying Siamese kitty, but it didn't get along with the kitten Kelcy wanted.  So I got Shadow.  A kitten that used to not eat so we were told he would probably die.  So we fed him anything he would agree to and now he's huge.  But I love him.  I just wish he didn't shed white hairs when I like wearing black pants and jackets.


Anonymous said...

oh my lanta. i read this and was immediately like ah!! that has happened to me.

you may have noticed i have a bump in my nose? playing cops and robbers with my brothers when i was little, i ran around a corner and my brother karate kicked me in the face, right smack on my nose. and i was bleeding and screaming crying and my mom had to run in from a conference call. oh the horror.

this post made me so happy that you have been there too! cops and robbers is officially dangerous.

chantelle said...

oh, gosh! i remember playing cops & robbers in junior school, ah the memories :) i actually love scars, they show that you've fallen and gotten back up again <3 your kitten is beautiful!