Tuesday, November 23, 2010

kelcy saves the day

Today was a LONNNNNG day.  

My day:

-Wake up at 7:45 to take Olivia to the airport.
-Kelcy took me to class on her way to work so I wouldn't have to bike in the cold.
-Homework from 9:00 til 10:15.  
-Class from 10:30 til 11:45. 
-Library (a.k.a. hard core finals study-guiding) 12:00-3:00 when my computer died.
-Campus market for lunch: for some reason I chose a disgusting mixture of this Odwalla Chocolate Protein shake I've never tried before, cheddar cheese stick, cheez-its, and   salted cashews even though I've never purchased nuts in my life.
-I then switched locations to the basement of this cold, cement building and my fingers froze up and prevented me from typing well.
the project i finally finished
and my array of bad food choices
-Kelcy got off work and called me.  I was disgusted by my choice of lunch, and so she saved the day and picked me up for Chipotle!  Which always makes the day better.  
-I got dropped off for my independent film class, and this cute boy in sweatpants sat next to me.
-Kelcy and Nick picked me up and we went to Starbucks (on Kelcy!! <33 )
-Then we went shopping and I bought a cute jacket from forever xxi.
-And I just finished about two more hours of homework...but I got it sent out and finished! -On to the next one...


      e.r.a. said...

      This post made me so nostalgic for college!! I know finals are awful at the time, but I seriously miss those late night library sessions and bad cafeteria junk food. Good luck with all your projects! And honestly, some day you'll miss doing them.

      kelcy said...

      so cute :)
      and yeah your lunch was disgusting. i just finished your cashews!!

      Tay Talk said...

      kelcy gave me the intro to your blog. My husband could have Chipotle for every meal, everyday. That is no lie. Because you love it so much I know that I will love you, because I love him for loving it. But it will be a different type of love...ya know.

      I'm so glad to be done with school. I don't miss it AT ALL.

      Glad you had shopping time to fit in. That had to have helped. Well, that and the Chipotle. :)

      Until next time!