Saturday, November 13, 2010

paradise can be anywhere

Day Four: Write about what you imagine paradise to be like.

cruise to mexico 2008 <33
I don't know if paradise is necessarily any one place.  I believe that it is a state or feeling of complete and utter happiness.  No worries.  No regret.  No doubt.  No jealousy.  Just love.  And not even a romantic type of love...although of course that would be nice.  Just a love from friends, family, and strangers.  Paradise would be 24 hours a day of those feelings we have maybe a few seconds a week.  Those seconds when we smile, but don't know why.  We look out the window, and we see nothing but beauty.  We drive with the windows down, and we realize that we really do live in a paradise.

Obviously paradise would be a world without hunger, wars, hate, and fear.
But I think everyone has the chance to experience a slice paradise, even if it is just for a few seconds.


Anonymous said...

what an awesome post! and a gorgeous picture, to boot. i could imagine living in that 24 hour paradise as i read. that would be amazing, too.

but i think those few seconds are always worth it too :)

Kirsten said...

wish it could be all the time

Fashion Cappuccino said...

If only we can have Paradise 24/7! That would be a dream for me! xoxoxoxo