Saturday, November 20, 2010

i love birthdays

Birthday weekends are my favorite hands down.  Yeah, it's nice to have all of your friends around celebrating your birthday, but it's almost more fun when it's someone else's birthday weekend.
confetti and fun
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Thursday was Olivia's surprise party.  And it was amazing to be involved.  She had no idea, and I'm a little surprised because she's usually good about having those type of "feelings".  Step one was to make her super sad.  All of the girls had planned and told her we would all go out for her birthday on Thursday night.  But, Leanne then told her that she was just going to go to the bars.  And on top of that, Kelcy told Olivia that Paige wasn't going to come out like she said she was, but she was going to stay in with her bf instead.  Step two was to surprise her with not only a party but to see the faces of the friends she thought she would not see that night.

It was an awesome night, and here are a few pictures below...even though we took about 130!

cheers to being best friends,
no matter what.
top: Kelcy, Livs, Paige, me
bottom: Heather, Biannca, Leanne

One of my other favorite events is when pictures from awhile back are posted so the memories are just relived.  You probably remember my post about Leanne's birthday weekend a couple weeks ago.  Here are some pictures from her mexican fiesta:

huge dinner table

most of the crew :)


Anonymous said...

your guys' going out outfits are always SO cute. love all of them! and i love planning surprise parties for people. it is soo the best thing ever. and i love how you get to be sneaky mean to get them to be surprised, but in the end you're really just an extra good friend :)

happy weekend!

Kai.Mercado. said...

It looks like a great weekend! I am glad you have fun surprising your friends...and you and your friends always look fabulous!


all the girls are so pretty! like victoria's secret angels =)