Monday, November 22, 2010

never stop traveling

Day Eight:  A photo of somewhere you've been to.

I have been amazingly lucky to have the opportunity to travel.  My dad used to judge Arabian horses and that's where it all started.  The pictures of our family's earlier trips are lost somewhere on my old computer and in photo albums at home, but it's kind of a blessing in disguise since they happened during my awkward years (haha!).

Paris, France (2000)
Australia and Tasmania (2003)
England and Scotland (2004)
Rome, Italy (my favorite: 2005)
Manitoulin Island, Ontario (every summer for 7 years)
I miss boating all day, everyday.
Spain (2007)
Looking over Toledo, Spain
Playground at the Parc de Madrid
We crashed Christmas Tea at The Ritz Carlton
New York City (2008)

Mexico (2008)
Our gorgeous jet ski instructor!
Las Vegas (2009)

Hawaii (2009)

New Zealand (2009)
Traffic detour for the sheep <33
South Africa (2010)

Sorry about all of the images!! This was more of a post for me to relive the amazing memories I had in all of these amazing places.  It's easy to think that the city you're living in is the only one that's bustling with people, emotions, and everything.  When in reality, it's happening everywhere.  Some people are sleeping, having dinner, waking up and making breakfast, at school, or walking down the street.  The world is huge, but it's so small at the same time.  And people everywhere are just like you.


kelcy said...

soooo cute!!!
it's crazy to look at the years & think that we went to those all of those places because I forget!!

i miss trips...and it's only been a couple months since our last one haha said...

excuse me?! did you just say "sorry about all the images"? these are some of the coolest pictures i have ever seen!! you guys are so so lucky. JJ used to travel all over the world as a child too and he is so lucky.

thank you for sharing these!

Jessica said...

love the pictures!

I have major travel envy now!

Kirsten said...

next stop Asia ;)

e.r.a. said...

A am crazy jealous of your travels!! Such amazing pictures.

villa costa blanca said...

Awesome captures.You have great experience of travel.Hope you travel until you want.What's the next destination for 2011 ????

Tay Talk said...

Are you kiddin me? Dang. I feel so sheltered having never been out of the country. And NO that time in Tijuana with all the drinking and dancing doesn't count.

Those are some pretty sweet pics by the way. The elephant one...wicked. I'm totally jealous.