Tuesday, August 30, 2011

benvenuti a milano

Ciao from Milano!  
I arrived last night around 6pm, and Susy picked me up from the airport!  She proceeded to show me around Bocconi so that I would be familiar with it, and then we went to the supermarket, and next door to split a margherita pizza!  It was delicious...duh.

I'm loving my apartment, and it's about a 15 minute walk to school.  Naturally, I still feel a little nervous walking to and from school, but there is no need to as everyone is very nice and I can tell it's a safe neighborhood! :)  I will definitely feel more comfortable when I have a working cell phone, 4 days! :)

Today was my first day of class in the Italian language crash course.  There are people in class from all over the world!  Turkey, France, Switzerland, Austria, Canada, Germany, Australia, and so many others.  I made two new friends, Nicholas from Montreal and Marie-Laurie from Paris.  So hopefully I will become better at French, too!

Here are some pictures of my bedroom/apartment!!  I promise these posts will get more exciting as I get more accustomed to Milan!

ignore my "The Ring"-esque pose
straight outside my window! 

The park I walk through to get to school--my favorite part.


kelcy ☼ said...

yayyyy!!! you got to keep the whale :))

Nancy said...

Love your blog. Thanks for posting from Milan and for the great photos too! Love it!

Susy said...

Is a dolphin!!! not a whale

(and it's mine :-P )

e.r.a. said...

So jealous!!! Have so much fun in Milan!