Monday, September 5, 2011

week one

To sum it up, week one of being on exchange in Milano has been AMAZING.
It's only been seven days, and already I've experienced more things and met more interesting people than I ever thought possible.
I was lucky to have met my new best friend on Day 3, and we've been inseparable ever since!  And she lives so close, that it's no problem to meet up before going out or just to go grocery shopping or grab a pizza.  I'm so used to having another half with Kelcy and all, so I'm so happy to have found that.  Because other wise, I would literally be in my room more than I'd like to be.

Week One was filled with sightseeing, walking (sooo much), braving it through the heavy rain (that was almost hurricane-esque), and meeting new people (and our fair share of Italians, as well).  The favorite spot is Eleven Clubroom in the Corso Como district.  Even when you're just sitting on a ledge outside of the bars and clubs, you're bound to meet people with amazing stories and backgrounds.  
<3 eleven clubroom <3
Some photos to catch up on :)

The Duomo
me, Sheri, and Paige
partners in crime

4 euro pizzas. 2 euros each. what a deal.
and our biggest expense? cab rides home.

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kelcy ☼ said...

cute!! it looks like you're having so much fun :)
I love the last picture and eleven looks AMAZING. so classy! good luck at the showroom tomorrow xoxo