Friday, February 4, 2011

to kelcy

This post is dedicated to my best friend, who just so happens to be my twin, Kelcy.
Not only is Kelcy beautiful, smart, hilarious, and fun to be around, but somehow she gets everything she goes for.  Oh, and she laughs at all of my stupid jokes and dance moves.  She's probably my favorite person EVER, and she will be sooo successful one day.
Most recently, she got an internship at a PR firm in LA this summer that she really wanted. It's the first one she tried for, the first one she interviewed for, and she got it.  Now our dreams of going to LA this summer are a reality, thanks to Kel's amazingness.  I just have to catch up now so I'm not the slacker sister without a summer internship in LA.

If anyone has any ideas or companies they know of that would benefit from an intern like me, definitely let me know!! <3


kelcy ☼ said...

you are the sweetest brookie!! <333
i love you & you're my favorite person too!!! xoxoxo
you'll definitely get an internship. no doubt in my mind :)

Olivia Judkowitz said...

kel is such a motivation to all of us! the taste of her success is that little push that will also get you your dream internship! i can't wait for everything to just fall in place. congrats again kel! and beautiful blog brookie :)

EJC said...

You and your sister are so cute! I love both your blogs...such twinsie inspirations. xo Emily Jenny

calla said...

this post is adorable!!! thank you so much for the comment you left me, that is such a complement.

ps- great hair!!!
pps- i'm stealing that bike... i want one in seafoam green!