Tuesday, February 8, 2011

hellllo iPhone

Yayyy!!  So yesterday was the "estimated delivery date" for our Verizon iPhones!  I put in a request at pre-shift at work to get cut first because I wanted to set up my phone and play with it.  You would think that my coworkers and manager would have thought that wasn't a valid reason, but everyone seemed very excited for me.

So I got cut at like 12:30 and then Kel and I made our way to Phoenix to Mom and Dad's house.  It took wayyy longer than expected to get all the basics set up, but we finally did.  Now I've seriously been on my phone 24/7.  In fact I've been on it so much today that since the time I woke up at 8:40 til now 7:02...I only have 16% battery left.  That's how much I've been playing with it.

The apps I have so far are Words with Friends, Facebook (obvi), Retro Camera, Chipotle ordering, Shazam, and this addicting "Are you a moron?" game.  What apps do you suggest?!  Now for some silly pictures I took with my Retro Camera app.
blurry me :)
The pictures above my headboard.
The front of my laptop 

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Kai.Mercado. said...

Oh my gosh so many things I wanted to say. i couldn't decided whether to buy the iPhone now or wait for the summer but PLEASE tell me how you like it....and also...I know I don't really know you but let me be the first to say that YOU WOULD have a Chipotle app on your phone. haha