Tuesday, January 18, 2011

first day royalty

Today was the first day back to school.  This semester is going to be a tough one.  Kelcy and I decided to get all of our hard core business classes out of the way this semester.  But that means we have to take three of the classes we've been dreading, all at one.  And to top it all off, they're all in the same lecture hall.

But it was a good day overall.  And what made it that much better, was the Burger King King.  He was wandering the Memorial Union when Kelcy and I went downstairs to get our Jamba Juices.  I saw him meandering around last semester, but it was amazing to see him in all his glory on the first day of school!

I'm trying to forget that he was, in fact, kind of creepy.  Like how he snuck up on Kelcy and was literally centimeters behind her looking over her shoulder at the picture.  And when we turned around, shocked to see him so close, he simply gave us the "A-Okay" sign and walked away.

How were your first days back?!


this free bird said...

Good grief this is hilarious! And thankfully their were 2 of you in case the king tried anything crazy...


-Sam I Am- said...

pahahaha.. i love it. what a creepo :) but you girls look adorable as ever!! glad you had a great first day!

Tay Talk said...

I actually liked when classes started up again because I knew that once they were done I would be that much closer to graduating. :)

The King of Burger King is awesome! He would make any day better!