Tuesday, January 11, 2011

hello again lovelies

Wowww.  It has been WAY too long since my last post.  If I were you guys I would have thought that I disappeared when the new year came!  But I'm back :)

My NYE wasn't spent at some extravagant party toasting with champagne and dancing until I had to kick my heels off.  Instead, I was at home with Kelcy and Paige, packing for our early morning flight to Kauai with my Mom and Dad!  We did have a toast, champagne thanks to Joel (Paige's BF), and a mini dance party.  Then we hit the hay, woke up at 5 in the early morning, and made our way to the airport.
Kauai was amazing!!  It was so much different from the other islands, but it was so lush and beautiful.  In fact, it was kind of chilly some days! Here are some pictures from the trip, and now you can see what I've been up to for the past ten days. 
hat shopping in hanalei haha
Giving Kel a piggy back ride :)
horseback riding!
Kel and Paige with the coffee beans
The mini-plane we got to ride in!
(from the plane)
Where a scene in
Tropic Thunder was filmed!!
The part where Ben Stiller was a captive.
We got to talk into cool headsets

Thanks Mom and Dad for the trip :))
 It was so great to spend ten days with the parents and Paige since I don't get to see either that much when we're all back in Arizona.

Now I've got a day to do laundry, unpack, and then repack for my trip to California with Mom and Kel!!


lindsay said...

your trip looks like it was absolutely amazing. i particularly like the horse back riding picture :)

i'm happy your back home safe and i can't wait to hear more and see more about this trip! thanks for sharing the warmer weather with us...it is nearly 5 degrees here!

VicissitudiniLombarde said...

Fun photos dear :) love this post!

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

OMG! I'm jealous! You had such a great fun trip!

Bethany Struble said...

cute blog and great pics!
thanks for being a follower of my blog <3
im honored!