Tuesday, November 9, 2010

desert island

Day 3: List the five songs you would bring with you on a desert island and why.

Okay now this is tough.  For one, I don't have a favorite band or artist like a lot of people do.  And two, I really do like a variety of music...it sounds like a lame answer when you're getting to know someone, but it's true.  I like almost everything I hear, and I like a huge range of music.  But here's what I'm feeling at the moment :

  1. "We Speak No Americano" by Yolanda Be Cool.  I can't help but smile when this song comes on.  And if I'm on this deserted island by myself, the least I can do is perform my little cha cha move and pretend Kelcy's alternating front-to-back motions with me.  
  2. "Karma Police" by Radiohead.  If I'm all alone in the dark, scared for my life, starving, and unable to sleep, putting this song on will sooth me into a beautiful, dreamy slumber.
  3. "Wildcat" by Ratatat.  It has zero lyrics except the sound of a wildcat rawr-ing.  It would be the perfect song to scare off animal predators.  It would also be fun to prance around the jungle and pretend I'm a cat.  There's definitely no internet on this island, so I'll have to find some way to stay entertained.
  4. "Kids" by MGMT.  Yeah, it's overplayed.  But I have some really good memories from this song.  It came out during my freshman year of college...and that was the most fun time, with the least worries, that I've ever had.  Plus it's just one of those feel good songs that makes you want to dance.
  5. "Con Te Partiro" by Andrea Bocelli.  I love Italian.  I love Italy.  I've loved Andrea Bocelli's voice and music since I first heard his CD in my Dad's car when I was little.  He's unbelievably inspirational.  I also wish I could sing opera.  And where is a better place to practice my opera skills than on a deserted island?  Oh...and it will remind me of Step Brothers...which is probably the first movie I saw in theatres that I truly laughed out loud to.

Can I bring a piano to the island too?
It will give me time to improve :)

I can't wait until the iphone comes to Verizon!

So there's my list.  Obviously I'd love to have some Justin Bieber mixed in there to dance to.  Some Taylor Swift to sing to/ reminisce to/ maybe even cry to (since I'd be solo and alone for as long as it takes to get rescued).  Some solo piano music to relax to.  And even some hard core rap to jam out to.  I'd finally have the time to memorize the quick and witty lyrics of all the rap stars.

 It reminds me of the time on that one plane ride when I wrote out every lyric (even if I made it up to match the sound) to Bye Bye Miss American Pie.


Kai.Mercado. said...

First of all....We Speak Americano is epic....you can't help but dance to that song. And Kids is one of my favorite songs of all time....great list!

kelcy said...

hahaha one of your best blogs of all time <33
"i can run around pretending to be a cat!"

Fashion Cappuccino said...

You do have some electic tasts in music! Like me! I like all kinds of songs especially pop music. I tend to be very biased when it comes to music I like and only listen to them over and over again though! xxoxoxoxoxoo

bee. said...

I love the eclectic taste. Definitely agreeing with the MGMT track.

-Sam I Am- said...

MGMT is probably one of my FAVORITES! Love, love, love.

And yes, I also love how we both in corporate the "I Am". It sets us apart ;) ha! I just love your blog and I'm so glad you left some comment love so now I can continue to follow!

Tunes & Spoons said...

I love Con Te Partiro too! I have been singing it for years. I am an opera major in school so I share your love for Italian, especially Italian singing.

Have you seen this video of No Americano???


Its amazing! Happy weekend!

e.r.a. said...

I LOVE WE SPEAK NO AMERICANO!! I heard it for the first time in Italy. And as soon as I got home it was on the radio here. I was so so excited. Now it's my new theme song. :)

Kai.Mercado. said...

Hey Brook! I cant find your email...but I was wondering if I could email you for the Blogs to Love feature on my blog??? Let me know!