Tuesday, May 4, 2010

it's time to relax

I don't remember where I found this list, but I know that I found it eye-opening. I have this list saved on my desktop, and whenever I'm feeling stressed I read it. It helps me relax just by thinking of doing two or more items on the list. Now that it's summer and I won't have so much on my plate, I am going to start doing everything on the list. That way, by the fall semester, these stress-free techniques will be second nature and I will be forever relaxed.

Get up 15 minutes earlier. Prepare for the morning the night before. Don't rely on your memory...WRITE things down. Repair things that don't work properly. Make duplicate keys. Say "no" more often. Set priorities in your life. Avoid negative people. Always make copies of important papers. Ask for help with jobs you dislike. Break large tasks into bite-sized portions. Look at problems as challenges. Smile more. Be prepared for rain. Schedule a play time into every day. Avoid tight fitting clothes. Take a bubble bath. BELIEVE IN YOU. Visualize yourself winning. Develop a sense of humor. Stop thinking tomorrow will be a better today. Have goals for yourself. Say hello to a stranger. Look up at the stars. Practice breathing slowly. Do brand new things. Stop a bad habit. Take stock of your achievements. Do it today. Strive for excellence, not perfection. Look at a work of art. Maintain your weight. Plant a tree. Stand up and stretch. Always have a plan B. Learn a new doodle. Learn to meet your own needs. Become a better listener. Know your limitations and let others know them too. Throw a paper airplaine. Exercise everyday. Get to work early. Clean out one closet. Take a different route to work. Leave work early (with permission). Remember you always have options. Quit trying to "fix" other people. Get enough sleep. Praise other people. Relax, take each day at a time...you have the rest of your life to live.


ARJUN MS said...

That was a good one.I will certainly try them.
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Paige Gruner said...

I really liked this a lot! Great insight brookie!