Tuesday, May 11, 2010

do ubuntu

My upcoming trip to South Africa has gotten me googling and researching in anticipation. I've seen pictures of the beautiful city of Cape Town, animals that I only thought I would see in The Lion King, the excitement surrounding the World Cup, and stories of poverty and suffering.

Even though I can't wait to spend 18 days in a country I know hardly anything about, I feel a little guilty for not using the time to help volunteer like many people do when they go to exotic locations such as this. Most people who participate in these programs find ways to do so through their church groups, etc., and although I won't be helping these children and adults face-to-face, I have found a way to help.

For $15, I will buy a "do ubuntu" bracelet, and you should too! Buying a bracelet directly benefits women affected by HIV/AIDS and children who have been orphaned by the epidemic.
I would purchase it right after I hit publish on this blog, but I want to ensure that I receive the bracelet when I get back from my trip. Perhaps I'll buy one so that it arrives soon after I return.

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ARJUN MS said...

Have a great time there in South Africa,enjoy.........

Its very kind of you that you are volunteering for a good cause, Keep it up.