Monday, November 28, 2011

how to: make the best zucchini "pie" ever

The other night, Sheri's roommate, Valentina, had her friends over for a dinner party.  Sheri and I watched her as she made this amazing looking zucchini dish.  We had her walk us through it, and two days later, we made one of our own!  It was so easy, and it tasted so good that I am still craving another bite.  
See below for instructions:

Step One: buy three zucchinis, a container of ricotta cheese, flaky dough, and two eggs.
Step Two:  Make slices of the zucchini.
Step Three:  Let the zucchini sit in oil and cook.
Step Four:  While it's cooking, crack two eggs open and fork/whisk them until you can't see the difference between the yolk and the egg whites anymore.
Step Five: Once the zucchini appears cooked, add in the ricotta cheese.  And then the whisked eggs.
Step Six: Lay the soon-to-be flaky dough onto a oven-safe dish. Then place the mixture you just made in the middle.  And if you like it spicy...add some crushed red pepper flakes!!
Step Seven: Make the pastry look pretty by scrunching the sides and making the dish appear more "pie"-like. 
Step Eight:  Put it in the oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit (I'm guessing because we used a Celsius oven).  Keep your eye on it, and when it is GBD (Golden Brown & Delicious), take it out and enjoy!! :)

Courtesy of your favorite chefs: Brooke & Sheri

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