Friday, November 25, 2011


I've been seeing this on quite a few blogs lately, so I thought I would make one myself <3

current guilty pleasure:  I'm re-watching the Twilight movies.
current nail color: Charcoal Grey
current playlist: my own "just relax" playlist
current read: only school books :(
current drink: green tea, peach tea, espresso, and cappuccinos <3
current food: ortolano pizza: margherita pizza + zucchini, red peppers, and eggplant
current favorite show: Revenge & Gossip Girl
current wish list: for Kel to get a new car, so we don't have to share anymore with our busy schedules!
current needs:  a new iPhone, since mine mysteriously disappeared
current triumphs: waking up before noon
current bane of my existence: group projects.....
current celebrity crush: Andrew Garfield, Josh Bowman, everyone under the sun haha
current indulgence: triple chocolate ice cream
current blessing: having a best friend in milan, and my friends & family at home
current outfit: zildjian t-shirt, striped pj shorts, urban outfitters slippers <3
current excitement: the reunion i'm about to have with everyone in a month :)
current mood: hungry and sick with a cold...but happy!
current link: i'm obsessed with tumblr. check mine out HERE.

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