Monday, October 10, 2011

thought catalog

FYI--there's this really funny website called Thought Catalog.  Just click on the words "Thought Catalog" to get to it.
Different writers write different articles about literally everything that's gone through your head at some point.  Examples of titles include, "Why You Shouldn't Always Make Plans With A Stranger When You're Drunk," "34 Regrets I Have About The Past 34 Years", and "To Those Boys Who Jump Instead Of Dance At Clubs" just to name a few.  
Their latest is actually quite inspiring.  Inspiring may not be the right word...but, it talks about "hadness." Defined as: happiness that we know is temporal and therefore registers more like sadness, the heart-inching intuition that what you currently "have" will soon be something you "had."  It goes on to compare it to those "last looks" you get from people, when you both know that that will most likely be the last time you see one another.  So read on.  

And be sure to check out more articles by Thought Catalog.  They post at least one per day.

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Bon Bon said...

Oooh, that's deep! Will definitely have to check it out. I could only imagine some of the thoughts/articles they have:-) xoxo