Monday, October 10, 2011

shopping in milano

I've gone shopping SO many times in Milan.  It just makes order to get to the city center, you pass tens and maybe hundreds of shops.  But, I haven't found anything to buy...until yesterday.
Yes, I bought a grey hoodie (seen in the picture below) at Forever XXI in London.  And these cute comfy boots at Top Shop in London.  But in Milan?  Nope.  
I think it's me being picky.

I've been looking for jewelry.  I didn't bring anything with me--apart from a cross necklace that my Mom gave me before I left for the airport.  This is mostly because I don't have any--I've ALWAYS borrowed Kelcy's jewelry.  But how could I take her jewelry with me to Milan? I couldn't. So...I need rings, bracelets, long necklaces to dress up outfits, etc.  I need to accessorize.  Apart from buying another pair of pearl earrings last week after losing my real ones at the club, I started the ball rolling yesterday.  Thank goodness.  I bought a pack of two rings.  One of them is a row of gold roses, and the second is a gold ring that says "Oui".  Which now reminds me every day to be a "Yes Girl".  As long as something's not dangerous, I'm going to say "yes".  It will be a good way of getting out of my lazy funk.  
the rings, my pearl earrings, and grey hoodie <3
And, after reading Le Fashion's latest blog post, I realized that my new ring is modeled after one from the genius of Dior!

What else should I purchase?!  


calla said...

ahhh! i was just looking at this ring on etsy last nite! i love the modeling shot- thank you :) i think i may have to pick one up for myself...

anyway, yeah, nj sucks. stay away.


kelcy ☼ said...


I need to go jewelry shopping badly...all of mine is out of date. :/