Tuesday, August 9, 2011

how to look like a model

I'm an intern at l.a. models and I've been dying to know what the models do day in and day out in order to keep their bodies in shape, toned, and thin.  I didn't want to go ahead and flat out ask one of the agents, but yesterday (my second to last day there) I overheard an agent talking to a "new face" model that they're developing, and she gave her this advice:

Do not eat after 9 o'clock.
Vegetables and protein.  Vegetables and carbs.  Do not mix them any other way.
(The model offered the information that she runs all the time, and that's what she does to exercise.  The agent then said, no.  Do yoga, it will strengthen and lengthen the muscles making you look taller and leaner.)

So there you have it!  How to look like a model :)


Mo Pie, Please said...

Yoga totally rules!

Fashion Cappuccino said...

You work for LA models?! How cool is that! My dream is to work for a modeling agency! It's a great advice but I've never tried Yoga before..I usually run about three times a week and also lift weights. That's about it. I can't give up junk food though..I love me some french fries..haha :-) xoxoxoo