Wednesday, July 6, 2011

viva las vegas

I am so excited for Vegas this weekend!! The room just got finalized today.  The Venetian, baby :)  Being 21 has been amazing so far...from the weekend in AZ to being here in Cali.  Too bad the camera from our 21st birthday got stolen had some truly epic pictures on it.  

And to get excited for Vegas...some pictures of recent nights out on the town <3

P.S. Any suggestions on where to eat/drink/play in Vegas?!


Rorie said...

You & twinny are too cute!! Have fun girl!! I have never been there, but wish I could help!!

Olivia.Dee said...

oh I can help you out in that department.
carnegie deli at the Mirage for the most out of control sandwiches. best buffet is at Rio (personal opinion). And I can promise that ANY of the 24hr over priced fast food courts at 5am are DELICIOUS! haha.
Diablos at the Monte Carlo is a nice day bar on the strip. quite the busy place though. Encore is where it's at club wise. XS and Surrender are all kinds of fabulous. Vanity at the Hard Rock is sweet too. PURE rooftop at Ceasars. And of course ghost bar at the Palms. There's Tao, Haze at the Aria, and Lavo at Palazzo. And lastly, I love this place... Voodoo Lounge at the top of the Rio. It's off the strip but looks out on the strip.

whew... hope that helps!

just the story of a girl said...

LOVE vegas!! Vanity has definitely been a fav of mine but I've learned that no matter where you go in vegas it will be a good time!