Friday, July 15, 2011


Kelcy and I have exactly one month left in Los Angeles.  It's bittersweet.  I'm excited to go back to Arizona for a couple weeks, and then head off on an adventure I can't even comprehend right now.  But, I'm also going to miss everything about California.  The weather, the windy roads, the copious activities at every corner, and the friends we've made.  Hopefully it's less of a "goodbye" and more of a "see you later"...after all, the plan is to get a job in L.A. right after graduation in May.

In other news, Vegas was INCREDIBLE!!  I want to go back.  Like next weekend.  It was basically every adjective you can think of all huddled into one weekend.  

Oh...and now it's CARMAGEDDON.  So you know this weekend isn't going to be the blast that Vegas was.  But, in order to make things fun...Kelcy and I are going to have a Final Destination movie marathon.  We were going to make it Harry Potter...but duh, all of the Harry Potter's at every video store have been checked out.  

Sorry for the massive rant, but I've been wanting to blog about all three of those things and I finally got around to it :)


Diana said...

oh my goodness. If i read about carmegeddon one more time, i'm going to kick something! that is all everyone is talking about here and the funny thing is, it's not as bad. The media likes to glamorize things, don't they? Have a great weekend. xx

Rachel from Love a la Mode said...

I just finished my internship in LA and am headed back to Arizona for school soon! So glad everyone managed to beat carmageddon, haha.

P.S. I'm hosting my first blog giveaway right now (an online shopping spree to Zestii!) and I would love if you stopped by to enter!