Wednesday, March 9, 2011

unwritten law

Saturday night I left the house for work thinking that I was going to meet up with the girls after and go to a party in Tempe.  But what ended up happening was sooo much more exciting.
my pretty friends <3

It turns out that while I was at work, Kelcy, Heather, Leanne, and Olivia went to Ra Sushi and the lead singer of Unwritten Law invited them to his show at the Marquee that night! VIP. And only an hour after dinner...he texted them inviting them to come hang out in the tour bus before the show.
Heather and Leanne watching
from backstage since they were 21!
I met up with them about ten minutes into the show. We got into the show without them checking our bags (since we were VIP and all), and the show was awesome.  After the show we walked right back to where the busses were.  We had to deal with some "groupies" that kept calling us names, but Scott invited us into the bus and we just listened to music and talked for the next couple of hours.  
It was a blast and such an adventure :)  Check out some of Unwritten Law's music on youtube and myspace!  They're really good, and I especially like the acoustic versions.


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ahhhh!!!! Love your button! It is on my blog now :)

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I love love love these. So cute. Thanks for sharing love.

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