Thursday, March 10, 2011

favorite photos

Day 11: Post your favorite picture ever taken of yourself.

This one's a tough one.  Not because I think I look amazing in every picture that is taken of me...but because I take SO many pictures.  Lately though? 

My favorite picture is of me and Kelcy in New Zealand.  We were driving to another town, when the traffic suddenly stopped.  Why? Because there were hundreds and hundreds of sheep crossing the road!  They were beautiful.  So we hopped out of the car and Mom captured the following image.  Now when looking back at the photo, it takes me back to that exact moment.  And that's probably why it's one of my faves.
me on the left and kel on the right :)
After looking at the "New Zealand" album, it looks like most of my favorite pictures are from that trip.  Maybe it's because it was so green and vibrant there, compared to Arizona especially haha.

Favorite picture I've ever taken (of Kel):

And my favorite picture I've ever creatively thought about:


Briana Teresa said...

Hahah! That picture is so cool!!! It reminds me of how in Mexico sometimes when you're going through the mountains, you'll see these HUGE bulls nonchalantly walking on the highway...

New Zealand looks like fun!

purse 'n boots said...

hahahhaha!! you're not gonna believe this but I was late to school one day due to a sheep crossing!!! hahhaa you and your friend look adorable!!! love your blog!! and thank you so much for your sweet comment---it means the world to me!!

ashley <3

calla said...

love these photos!

.Me said...

aw these photos are great! hope ppl are okay over there post-flooding; great post :*)

Gabrielle said...

Love these photos, great blog! I'm following you now, I hope you follow me too!