Wednesday, February 23, 2011

washington's birthday

Yesterday was a really feel good day.  And it wasn't just me.  Kelcy felt it.  Olivia felt it.  Paige...not so much because of this horribly rude guy in her class that she always has to partner with.  But anyways...the following events were AMAZING to me.  Hopefully you can all understand, and if not, I hope you had a feel good day too :)
1) So all of Kelcy and my classes are in the business building.  There is a parking structure right across a tiny street that is covered.  It is ALWAYS full.  Last year was no problem because of the times of our classes.  This year? It's been full every day we've tried to go since the semester started.  So we end up having to leave for school an hour early just to get a spot at the outdoor lot wayyy down the street.  But yesterday...we pulled into the structure with no problems at all!
2) After my hectic and amazing weekend, I had no time to do my readings for the week on Monday like I normally do.  There's always a quiz at the end of my Legal and Ethical Studies class, but I assumed that we'd go over the material in class like we always do.  Turns out, we didn't this time.  We just talked about the Martha Stewart case.  Quizzes were passed out, and I was getting pretty nervous.  People started to look confused, and it turns out the TAs passed out last weeks quiz!  So we were instructed to simply fill in our names and ID numbers on the scantron to get full credit!
3) We NEVER get out of Real Estate class early.  And it just so happened that I still had articles to read before my International Business class right after.  But, because it was Kelcy and my lucky day, we got out 15 minutes early.  It was incredible.

Hopefully this whole pattern of lucky helped out on this International Business test...but I guess we won't know until the grades come.  I'm crossing my fingers <3

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