Tuesday, February 22, 2011

the valley

So my weekend in California was so ridiculously amazing!!  I'm so glad I went.  There was seriously something to do every hour, and because of that...I've been catching up on my sleep the last couple of nights. 
 Some of the fun things we did : 

Aroma Cafe with Livs, Loren, and Randi
Manicure with Livs (and the lady remembered from summer and asked where Kelcy was!)
Brent's with Livs and her Daddio
My first sake bomb for Jin's 21st
Dance party at Philip's
Relaxing movie day to recoup
Calabasas with Livs, Loren, and their Momma
Nap time hahah
Party at Philip's for the birthdayS
Family gathering at Olivia's cousin's house
Via's house for a kick it
3 hours of sleep...
and a very early flight home

And now for some pictures thanks to Deborah's amazing camera <3
had to get our bathroom pic hah
got to see my friend elliott!
classic dance line up


Rorie said...

Really cute & you look amazing!!

Fashion Cappuccino said...

Sounds like you had an awesome time! Dance parties are the best! xoxoxoo