Tuesday, December 14, 2010

little szechuan

So I haven't had chinese food in probably three years.  My favorite place growing up was called Sesame Inn, but it closed down about a year ago.  Which meant no more birthday dinners, having conversations about Burma with our favorite waitress Sondra, and most importantly...no more mushu vegetable.

But, driving home the other day, I saw a crowd of people coming out of this chinese restaurant I'd never noticed before: Little Szechuan.  I thought it must be good, if there were crowds of people going in and out.  And they looked happy too.
So today, I called in and ordered myself a take-out version of mushu vegetable.  I was going to ride my bike, but Paige drove me there :)  If you don't know how to make mushu vegetable, check out the mini tutorial below.  It tasted just like Sesame Inn, and it was the same price as a Chipotle burrito!!  Now I have three favorite fast/could-be-take-out restaurants (Chipotle, Oregano's, Little Szechuan: Mexian, Italian, and Chinese).

Step One:
Put the little Chinese crepe on a plate.
Step Two:
Add the vegetable and egg medley.
Step Three:
Add the yummy smoked hoisin sauce.
Step Four:
Wrap it up!! :)
 There you have it! I'm so happy to have a neighborhood Chinese restaurant! <33


lindsay said...

this looks so tasty...i am so hungry too :) isn't discovering new and inexpensive food take out the best?!?


jeanette from everton terrace said...

Oh I miss good chinese. While my daughter was growing up we ate it every Sunday, a favorite tradition. We moved across town 6 years ago and our old place closed (best chinese ever!) so we searched in our new neighborhood but haven't found anything we like (2 years now). Glad you found a good one.

chantelle said...

gosh, this looks so scrumptious! :) cute blog, dear ♥