Thursday, December 16, 2010

basketball + food

Yesterday was the last day of finals!!!  And it actually went fairly well, I think :)
Yesterday was also the Suns v. Timberwolves game!  Olivia had gotten a call from the people at U.S. Airways Center a couple weeks ago and they said that she could bring some friends to the game for free tickets!  
Kelcy, her bf, and some work friends went to the game too...and they sat in the lounge.  
Paige, me, and Olivia, on the other hand, had AMAZING seats.  It's not that we were courtside, or even first row.  But, we sat where corporate people usually bring their clients.  We had chairs with back rests, arm rests, and comfy seats that rotated: basically super nice office chairs.  We had mini tvs that projected what was on the jumbotron.  And best of all....FREE AMAZING FOOD.  My plate was filled: gorgonzola and vegetable mashed potatoes, chips and unique salsa, broccolini with a sweet sauce, fresh green beans, sweet potatoes, and countless more.  Oh, and an ice cream bar for dessert.  For free.  And the cherry on top, the Suns won with exciting three pointers throughout the fourth quarter!

And now picture time <3
downtown stadium <3
cheesing it for the ice cream <3

Paige, me, and Olivia :)


VicissitudiniLombarde said...

Lovely girls ^_^
Thanks for your comment :))

lula said...

Never went to a basketball game, on my to-do list though! Looks like you girls had fun ;)

lindsay said...

it looks like you all had an amazing time :) i love seeing all of your fun pictures.

that food sounds fantastic too can't beat free ice cream


Anna said...

oh basketball, i must say, i am obsessed! Rock Chalk ; )

thanks so much for your incredibly sweet comment the other day. it means the world. truly.

hugs to you gorgeous lady!


Paige Gruner said...

So fun, I want to do it again :) Love youuu