Thursday, December 23, 2010

bucket list

"Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today." --James Dean

I have a mac and clicked on my "stickies" that I haven't looked at in awhile.  I came across a bucket list that I had written way back when myspace was still popular and facebook was just beginning.  I've been lucky to be able to click a few things off my bucket list in the past four or so years.

See a shooting star
Go skydiving  (twice!!)
Go bungy jumping  (also twice!!)
Go zorbing
Study abroad in Italy
Fall in love
Learn to snowboard
Learn to surf
Eurotrip with friends
Be fluent in Italian, French, and Spanish
Crowd surf at an epic concert
Have a song written about/for me
Compete in the Amazing Race with Kelcy
Own a convertible
Go dancing in South America
Jet ski in Cabo
my friend gabi and her cousin
photographed by moi haha
Swim in the Mediterranean
Go to a concert in Europe
Horseback ride in a green meadow
Get flowers delivered to me
Tequila shots in Mexico with Kelcy (we've never been to Mexico together!)
Go clubbing in Barcelona and Paris
Party on a yacht
Cannonball from a houseboat

What's on your bucket list?!


Amy said...

It looks as if you've done so many fun incredible things! Man, I wish I could follow through with things on a bucket list, but I just don't know how that would go over. My bucket list definitely consists of more traveling though! Good for you!
Merry Christmas!
Love to you!

Kai.Mercado. said...

I think that you are probably expecting this question, but....what is ZORBING?????????

char. said...

i loved those kinda lists of before you die kinda things

youve done alot, wow!

PS: I ttagged you in a post

Kirsten said...

amazing. some of the things you've done, sky diving and bungi jumping twice?! haha awesome. check out this site:
for your yacht dream ;) xx

Paige Gruner said...

I'm copying this idea and blogging about this haha. Love you.

EJC said...

Thanks for the comment...maybe one day I can dress you and we can have some fun with the camera. xo ejc

lindsay said...

i love love love bucket lists...and look at the things you have already gotten to cross off...this is amazing!

definitely number one on my bucket list is to apply and hopefully get to do the amazing race with matthew :) wouldn't that be amazing? maybe we can all try out for the same season?!?

hope you have a wonderful holiday girlie!!


Rachel said...

I really should sit down and make a Bucket List! Thanks for the idea!

julianne. said...

wow you are quite the adventurous perosn!
amazing list.<3