Wednesday, November 17, 2010

ups & downs

Today was a whirlwind.  There's not any other word to describe it.

It started off early (at least for tired college students it was early).  Kelcy and I met Dad and a mystery guest at Oregano's for lunch at noon.  The special guest just so happened to be the COO of Oregano's (the restaurant we work at), and he was such a nice guy.  I guess Dad and him met sitting next to each other on a plane to Chicago.  Which is funny, because I didn't even know my Dad went to Chicago last weekend.  But anyways, it was an awesome lunch.

Shawn the landlord was in our house when we got home trying to fix our sink.  You see, Paige found a leak in the kitchen sink, so Shawn came over and tried to fix it a couple of days ago.  He just made it worse.  So today he brought in a plumber to check it out, and now he's ordered a part that should be here by Friday.  So we've got smelly dishes waiting to be cleaned stacking up in there.

School, laundry, and homework followed.

Then, it was time for Olivia's birthday dinner at... what do you know?...Oregano's (but a different location).  Dinner was filled with a plethora/cornucopia/myriad (who saw that Evens Stevens episode?) of conversation topics.  Ups and downs.  Tears and laughs.  It was beyond crazy.  We got home, pow wow on my bed, and more insanity follows.  I'm not going to say anything more, except:

Olivia, despite everything that happened today, I hope you had a great birthday because you deserve it.  Your three best friends are always here if you want to talk, and we love you.  We're like the girls on Sex and the City.  We'll be friends for a lifetime.  And to Kelcy and Paige, ditto to that. :)

me, livvies, kelky, and paige
<3 <3 <3 <3
p.s. i'm sorry i'm so blunt.  
i'll try and work on it, 
but i have a feeling nothing's going to change.


Kai.Mercado. said...

Never give up your bluntness! It gives you character and will find people who appreciate it and love you for it! Now I am being blunt haha

chantelle said...

wow, what a day! you four are all so gorgeous :) what sweet, happy smiles <3