Sunday, October 24, 2010

my vows

On October 21st (the day I was in the library--see below haha) my computer died, so I took out my notepad and started writing a list of vows I wanted to make to myself.  So here they are, seventeen vows and counting.
i love weheartit

From this point forward, I will not chase after anyone who doesn't chase after me.
I will have a good time, but be very picky about those I spend most of my time with.
I will apologize if I'm wrong.
I will try and have a blog post everyday.
I will try and read one book per month.
When I'm bored, I will read, practice piano, draw, or do spray paint art (not spend hours on facebook)
I will keep up with learning French and Italian online.
I will brainstorm people to write letters to and keep up with it.
I will discover music that I love so that when people ask me, I have a list of favorites.
Same with movies--I will watch and rewatch movies new and old to come up with faves :)
I will make it a priority to go to the gym or workout at home.
As long as the weather permits, I will do something active outdoors once a week.
If it's nice and sunny outside, I'll treat myself to some vitamin D.
I will be the best daughter, friend, and sister I can be.
I will give myself what I deserve.
And I won't tolerate anything less.
I will try and be the best person I can be, so that other people will remember me for the greatest of reasons.


Rorie said...

Those sound absolutley perfect<3

Jakeness said...

All of your vows are great, but the last one is my favorite! Remember, we're all human, so you're not a failure if you mess up from time to time.

Kirsten said...

haha "treat urself to some vitamin D". love it

Amanda said...

Think I will follow the first vow too, thanks!