Saturday, October 23, 2010

halloween help

Yesterday started off great, became very bad, and then ended beautifully.  First thing in the morning, I met with the executive director at Future for Kids to have a meeting about a project I've been working on with them. Then I found out that my brother was in the hospital after eating a chicken rice bowl too fast (and got a hole cut in his esophagus).  So after a nice bite to eat at zpizza with mom and dad, we went for a visit.  He's going to be fine, but it was NOT a pleasant visit at all since we got into a huge fight.  All was well after my sister and I went shopping with our best friends, Paige and Olivia.  And all was VERY well after we had an amazing evening with our friend Kristen, and new friends Whitney and Natalia, for Kristen's last night in Arizona dinner.  Good luck with finals Kristen!! :)

In other news, I need help deciding what shoes to wear for my "groupie" halloween costume.  So gold or black??  

i <3 my zildjian shirt

shiny leopard shorts <3
from forever xxi


hello lovely said...

my vote is on the gold shoes!

Sara Louise said...

oohhh im gonna say black, but who cares, no one will be able to take their eyes off them fierce shorts ! want !

Anonymous said...

either way, the both work great, black, perhaps ??
and nf, follow back ? :)

Rachel said...

The black ones. For sure. And oh god... I need to find some shoes to go with my outfit!!!

Rorie said...

Thanks for following and commenting I loove your blog & will def follow back!!


Much sexier!!

Briana said...

Oi! I hope your brother is doing better. Sorry you two had a falling out. Shopping always seems to be the best remedy when one is upset ;)

And I honestly kinda like the gold ones better.... I mean, it is Halloween. The flashier, the more extravagant, the more costume-ish, the better. Go for the gold! Woot woot!

Cellardoor Magazine said...

What a great idea for a costume. Our vote is on the gold x