Tuesday, October 12, 2010

gimme dat

I am officially obsessed with Ciara's newly released music video for "Gimme Dat."

a) I want her body.
b) I want her dance moves.
c) What's stopping me?

Whenever I'm thinking about not going to the gym even though I set aside time to do so, all I need to do is think about is Ciara.  Whenever I'm going to eat that burrito even though I ate an hour ago and am full, all I need to do is think about Ciara.

I'm sure she works out and goes to the gym, but I bet her biggest form of exercise is dancing.  If I have to dance around the house or in my room when I'm home alone, I'll do it.  And I can't wait til I'm 21 so I can get exercise dancing around the club.

Enough chit chat though, here's Ciara's new (inspirational) music video:

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