Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Going to ASU definitely has its advantages.  Not only is their business program (W.P. Carey School of Business) gaining more and more respect, but we are part of the Pac-10.
Football games are a tradition for students, alumni, and Sun Devil fans across the state/country.  Those of us that live in Arizona have the opportunity to tailgate in the many lots before the big game!

Gibbs, Livs, Arman?, me, and Greg
Freshman year I didn't make it to any tailgating events; however, I did scream and "crowd surf" in the student section whenever we made a touchdown.  Sophomore year I didn't participate in the festivities at all.  Junior year, however, has been a good football year for me.  Although I don't have season tickets and don't plan on going to any actual games, I have participated in the age old tradition of tailgating before two of the games.  My first tailgating experience EVER got me into the College Times with one of my best friends, Olivia, along with some mutual friends :)

Olivia and I loved the first tailgate so much that we decided we couldn't miss the big game against the Oregon Ducks.  Even though I had work at 6:30 that night, I was committed to my school and started the festivities at 2.  First, Olivia and I went over to Alexi's house to meet up with the gang before heading out to the lots since they didn't open until 4.  We then made our way to the tailgate and were so pleased to find out that two of our friend groups were seriously four parking spots away from each other.  With one group having stacked speakers and our friend Billy djing, and our other friends having beer pong and a TV in the back of the truck, it was a dream switching off between the two of them.   Below are some pictures of the fun:

Livs, Logan, me, and Alexi a la casa

me and Livs with Billy djing :)

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kelcy said...

cuteee. haha i like how you're like "i'm dedicated to my school so i started at 2" more like you're dedicated to the beverages served :)