Thursday, September 22, 2011

happy 21st to sheri

Sheri's birthday was last weekend, and it was a complete success!!
Friday night, we went to aperitivo with some friends to our favorite place: Movida.
Afterwards, we were going to go home and study for our optional Italian test the next morning, but we were invited to Hollywood (one of our favorite clubs) free of charge!  
[side note: it's not like LA or AZ here where girls always get in free...girls always pay here.]

Hollywood was a blast, and it just so happened to be "model night," so naturally, we felt kind of small and ugly at one point.  But, when we were cooling down, we got the courage to talk to these model boys, and they were actually really nice!  We talked and danced with them for about three hours, before making our way home to sleep in until 2 or 4 that afternoon.

Saturday night, Sheri had friends over at her apartment.  We ate, played games, talked, and then made our way to the metro station to go to Eleven (our other favorite club).  It was amazing, as well.

Sunday consisted of RELAXING.  Which was much needed.  And we've basically been relaxing ever since.  We even turned down an invitation to go see David Guetta (free!!) at Eleven on Tuesday night.  See, we're responsible :)

aperitivo food and drinks <3 
james & michael got her a rose for her bday
the crew 
creepy guy at hollywood that followed us from club to club last weekend
the models that were better looking in person--i swear!
me, sheri, jordan, and paige @ the pregame
the boys & girls
birthday girl <3
metro ride to eleven clubroom
it was raining...hence the plastic bag for protection
we're both 21 now!!! not that it matters in Italy ;)

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