Monday, April 4, 2011

the sniffles

One of the worst feelings I've had this year?  This sickness that I've had since Friday morning.  I guess you could say that I'm spoiled.  Normally, when I have a cold, it can't even really be called a cold.  It's more of an annoyance.  But this time, it hit me hard.  I feel like I've been in bed for the past three days...I even had to call out of work this morning after Kelcy and Paige made me (and I totally thank them for that).  

I'm sitting in my bed right now looking out the window, thinking of all the fun things I could be doing instead of lying in the fetal position.  The only good thing about this whole thing, is that when I do get better, I'm not going to just sit on my bed all day like I normally do.  I'm going to be active.  

That's another thing...I went to the health center today to make sure I didn't have some other sickness that needed taking care of, and they told me that I might have high blood pressure.  They kept saying stuff like, "She's so young, though!"  It looks like I need to exercise more and not eat as much salt (A.K.A. not eat as much Chipotle).  So once I'm better, I'm going to motivate myself to be fit and healthy!!

I know this is an annoyingly long and meaningless post, but for those of you who are interested: I sat across from an Andy Milonakis look-a-like, sound-a-like, and story-a-like. He was so loud and annoying, and I don't know how he was old enough to be at the ASU health center...but the way he interacted with the staff and his stories about his cough and broken thumb were hilarious.  


Abbey said...

Feel better soon! I'm kind of getting over being sick too. It sucks, but it is motivating! :)

Kai.Mercado. said...

1. Feel better! I was sick all last week. Horrible.
2. I just saw this tissue box! My brother is having a baby boy and that tissue box is going in their bathroom!
3. Even if you did have high blood pressure, would you really give up Chipotle? lol

jada and jon said...

that tissue box is amazing..
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VicissitudiniLombarde said...

Thanks so much!

Fashion Cappuccino said...

Hey Brooke! Your comment makes me laugh..I always think that dating twins would be a bit tricky. I can never tell any twins apart! So if I date someone who has a twin, it could be quite embarassing for me!

I hope you feel much better soon! I hate getting a cold but drinking lots of water and taking a long sleep really helps. Take care! xoxoxooo