Tuesday, April 26, 2011

the classic wave

College.  There are sooo many people that fill the campus.  And even though we like to pretend that we don't...sometimes you purposefully look into your phone or look the other direction to avoid small-talk with someone you know or once knew.  For the past few weeks, I've tried to promise myself not to commit this social silence.  

Today, however, it backfired.  I was walking to my first class with Kelcy, and I saw a girl that looked identical to this girl named Emily that I knew in high school.  I smiled at her from perhaps 30 feet away, and she looked down and away.  As she came closer, I was still sure it was Emily.  I mean it had to be....it looked just like her.  So here we are, three feet apart, and I wave the biggest wave I've waved in awhile.  And paired with that wave?  A high-pitched, "Hiiiii Emily!!!".  The girl gave me the most awkward smile I've ever seen...but at least she smiled.  
I have no eyes because my eye makeup
looks horrible right now. Shhhh.
I turned to Kelcy.
Me: Oh my gosh...that wasn't Emily was it?
Kelcy: No...hahahaha.  I thought maybe she was a girl in your group.
Me: But she looked just like Emily!
Kelcy: mmmm kind of? That's embarrassing.

Just beware before you speak out.  And more importantly, maybe don't wave so ecstatically when you see someone you think you know.


Rorie said...

Hahah!! Story of my life!

Kai.Mercado. said...

hahahahahah OMG! This made me so uncomfortable reading this because I have totally been there...the feeling of instant panic when you realize you are absolutely wrong....the worst

SJ said...

Hahahhaha I love this so much and totally get that looking down at your phone thing.

.Porcelaine. said...

Cool blog :) like the way ure writing. xx check out mine!


Olivia.Dee said...

i've done this way too many times in my life and still havent learned to open my eyes a bit more before waving! oh i'm glad to know it lives on in college still :]

Ashley Johnson said...

Haha that's definitely happened to me a few times.. Too funny :)