Thursday, March 3, 2011

spring cleaning

My closet feels a little bit dated.  I have those clothes that I absolutely LOVE and probably over wear.  But I also have those clothes in my closet that I never wear...and they're basically taking up good hanger space.  I also LOVE my shoes...and I have a lot of them...but some are a little "high school".  
One of the few times you'll see my
closet looking fabulous :)
So...I'm going to do some spring cleaning to my closet.  I will take the clothes I never wear to Buffalo Exchange and other consignment shops, take the shoes I never wear to the same place, and with the money I make (and a little from my bank account too) I will go shopping for some new classy clothes (and shoes) that I can wear in both LA this summer and in Milan this Fall :)   I have a feeling the clothes I will be buying will switch up my style a bit, but change is good.  

What do you all think are some must-haves I should buy?!


ChinkyGirLMeL said...

You are going to Milan? ooooh I sooo envy you! I did a bit of closet clean up back in January and it left me sneezing and with a cold for about a week or two. You might want to check out for must have pieces for spring. I heard 70's and vintage is making it's way back, tapered/carrot pants is making a come back too. =)

Kirsten said...

definitely a blazer! good for casual and for dressing an outfit up a bit