Monday, February 14, 2011

lock and key

I love reading the stories on Le Love.  Of course there are those stories that are a little much and you just wish you could knock some sense into these girls.  But then there are ones like today, that make you tear up and truly believe that love exists:

I've always hated Valentine's Day. It seems senseless to me to have a day devoted to making singles feel lonely, and couples feel obligated to buy each other chocolates and say I love you. I figured this Valentine's Day would be the same. A skype date from Connecticut to Virginia over bad internet connections. He surprised me though. He changed my conception of Valentine's Day, and love, and grand gestures. The kind that I was positive only really existed in cheesy chick flicks. You see, the only thing I ever really fell in love with before him was the city of Paris. Without speaking a word of French, he posted to Craigslist a call to the romantics of Paris. He enlisted two French women to place locks on Pont des Arts, the bridge of love locks, where I had put a lock with my friends a year ago. These women had no idea who he was, but they believe in the power of love, and a good love story. Each one went and bought a lock, wrote our initials in a heart, and threw the key into the Seine, documenting it with pictures. All they asked for in return was to be invited to our wedding, one day in the future. Apparently true, crazy, I would do anything to see you smile kind of love really does exist. Happy Valentine's Day.


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cute blog. my vday was pretty boring (I went for a jog in nice weather?) but I'm keeping hope alive! :*)