Thursday, February 10, 2011

heavy competition

Today I went to my advising appointment to get all of my paperwork settled for my study abroad program application.  Here's how the conversation went down with the international coordinator:

her:  You do know this is a highly competitive program, right?
me:  Yes...
her:  For example, we already have ten applications (the application's due in 5 days),       and we only have two spots to fill.
me:  Oh wow...
her:  I see you haven't selected a second choice, would you like to do that now?
me:  No, thank you.
her:  I think you're making a mistake.  You're missing out on a great opportunity to study abroad.
me:  I understand that.  But I've travelled a lot in my life, and this is the program I've been looking forward to since I was in high school.  I see no point in spending the money to study abroad if I'm not crazy about the location or school.
her:'re choice.

To put it simply, I left the study abroad office feeling pretty bummed.  But after wrapping my head around the stiff competition and talking to Kelcy about it, I feel like whatever happens will happen for a reason.  If I get into the program, I have to go.  I was chosen to be only one of two students.  But it I don't get into the program, well then something good will come of that too.

If I do get in, I'll be able to:
Check out the Duomo.
Go on espresso dates.
Wait for the metro on my way to and from class.

Be one of those little figures walking around.
And visit all of these places on the weekends <3
But, then again, if the odds don't work in my favor...I'll be able to spend my entire Senior year with my best friends and family before starting a career and my "real" life.  If I don't get into the program I've been looking forward to since high school, I'll be here for Paige and Olivia's 21st birthdays, my Dad's birthday, all of the Fall holidays, and everything inbetween.  There are pros and cons to both sides, and now my fate is in the hands of the study abroad office.

Now I wait.


e.r.a. said...

I have a good feeling about it. Good luck!

Kirsten said...

good luck!

jeanette from everton terrace said...

Wonderful attitude. I know from looking back on my life that this is very true. I don't think God or the universe (whatever you believe in) ever says "no" it just says, "I have something better in mind for you". Still, good luck!

VicissitudiniLombarde said...

!!! Milan :D
3rd picture is my favorite! Nice choice!

Meri said...

You're right- it is your choice and whatever happens will be an adventure! I love the photos and it brings me back to when I was trying to decide where to study abroad :)
Neat site!