Friday, December 3, 2010

sweater season

You know it's December when the people outside of grocery stores jingle their bells.  You know it's December when for some reason you have the biggest smile on your face and can't stop laughing over something that wasn't even funny.  But most of all, you know it's December when ugly sweater parties start popping up everywhere.

And tonight I will take part in my first Ugly Christmas Sweater Party of the season.  I'll post pics soon...I have a feeling my sweater is going to be the most ridiculous.  Because of the fact that it's homemade.  I made it last year for my work's party in hopes that I'd win the contest, but Kelcy and I got there late, and the contest had already been held.  Hopefully I jingle the whole night and make the party that much more merry.
too bad this party won't have
tables and tables of food

Happy holiday season everyone!! <3


lindsay said...

yay for ugly sweater parties :) i can't wait to see the pictures...i'm sure you will still look just as stunning!


have a lovely weekend

Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

I love Christmas

Marina said...

I love december
is also my birth month:)

luisapb said...

Hi Brooke... that sounds really cool, I look forwards to see yout ridiculus sweater lol... oh and I know what you mean, December makes me happy! can't wait for Christmas, it's my favorite holiday...

happy holiday season to you too! =)


char. said...

omg, you've always wanted a pen pal and you live in the usa!

you can say no, like 100% but we could be pen pals, i would love it and i live in london so it could be pretty cool, let me know if you would want to :) xx