Sunday, December 12, 2010


Has anyone else tried Peace Tea and fallen in love with it??
I tried it for the first time last semester when I was wandering the campus market looking for food.  I love that it's only 99 cents, and even if it's not healthy, I feel healthy drinking it.

Keep reading if you want to hear a semi-related story:

I was walking either to or away from a sporting event, concert, or something that calls for vendors selling drinks on the streets.  I wanted desperately to drink either Arizona Iced Tea (that also has a 99 cent marking on it) or Peace Tea.  The conversation:

me: Kel, how much do you think that tea is?
Kel: I dunno...probably like two or three dollars.
me: But it says on the can that it's 99 cents.
Kel: Well go ask the guy and find out.
me: Sir, how much is the tea? 99 cents right? Because that's what it says on the can?
Man: $2.00

It just made me think.  If I were a vendor, I would avoid selling items that offered a certain price on the package, when in reality you decide you want to sell it for more.


Olivia Judkowitz said...

haha brooke! that was when we went to citywalk at universal studios!! :)

lindsay said...

that's kind of funny...doesn't make much sense to me either?!? and no i have never had peace tea...i really should try it soon though...i'm a sucker for tea.

this is the reason i am up at nearly midnight on a sunday evening...dang tea...keeps me up late :)