Thursday, December 9, 2010

four lovely things

First off, I'd like to send a lovely thank you to Heidi at Bonjour Lovey and Amanda at College Girl for tagging me in their list of fours blogs!!  I love each of their blogs, and I actually found Amanda's because she was tagged in Heidi's list of fours too!

So thank you girls :)  And to the rest of you, I hope you learn a little more about me <3

four shows i watch:
- Gossip Girl.  I am in love with this show. The drama, the relationships, the clothes.  Everything.  It makes Mondays amazing.

-Pretty Little Liars.  It's like Gossip Girl for miniatures.  But it's so entertaining.

-Entourage.  It's totally a guy show, but I love it.

-Keeping Up With The Kardashians.  I only watch it when it's on someone else's t.v., but Scott is a total douchebag, yet totally addicting.

four things i'm passionate about:
-Friends who are family.  Kelcy (who's my actual twin sister), Paige, and Olivia.  Every time any of us hang out, it's always unstoppable laughs and the weirdest conversations ever.

-My actual family. My mom and I are best friends.  My dad's the sweetest man in the world.  And my brothers are all so different but they helped mold me into who I am.

-Traveling. I love being one place, and then an entirely different place hours later.  Whether by plane or by car, I love seeing the way people live in other cultures.

-Eating.  I kind of stole this one from Kelcy, but when I asked Paige things she thought I was passionate about, this was one of them.  I love Mexican food and Italian food the best.  And chinese is okay at Sesame Inn (but it closed down) and when I get the Mushu Vegetable.

four phrases i say a lot:
-"I know, right?" Basically my answer when I say something and someone's like "ewww" "gross" "cool" "awesome" "wow"...

-"Yeah..."  My response when people finish telling stories.  It's what I say when I'm thinking about what else to say.

-"Please...!" What I say when I don't believe someone or if I'm appalled by something haha.

-"That's true" When I start realizing that my friends advice is right, or basically anytime something's obviously true.

four things i've learned from the past:
-Don't have expectations. Expectations just lead to disappointment.  You will be a much happier person if you just go with the flow and get surprised when good things do happen than frustrated or sad when they don't.

-Be okay with being alone. Whether it be at dinner, at school, at home, or even at the mall.  It's important to have time to yourself, and now I'm to the point where I get excited about my alone time.

-Listen to people. It's easy to want to talk, talk, talk about your problems when you're with your friends, but that doesn't mean that you should shut down once they start telling you their problems.  If you want to be listened to, you should start off by being a good listener yourself.

-Don't take school to seriously.  Maybe this isn't on everyone's list, but I've learned for myself that studying all night for a test and studying for an hour or so and then having fun the rest of the night yields the same results.  Just try your best.  It's not worth it to get a 4.0 GPA but have no friends or fun memories from college.  

four places i'd like to go:
-Venice, Milan, Rome, Florence.  Basically back to Italy.  I fell in love with Rome, liked Florence, and I can't wait to study and shop in Milan, and ride the gondolas with a future bf in Venice.

-Barcelona.  When we went to Spain with the parents, we didn't make it up to Barcelona.  I'd like to go eat some tapas and dance the night away.

-Peru, Brazil, Chile, Argentina. I want to go dancing in South America.  I also would love to visit Machu Picchu and other amazing ancient sites.

-The South of France. Paris was awesome when I was ten.  But I feel like now, France would be incredible.  I could start off in Paris, meet some French friends, and then take a weekend trip to a fabulous house in the South of France.

four things i did yesterday:
- Lunch at Islands with mom.
-Errands with Kelcy.
-Studied for my management final.
-Tropic Thunder at Colton's

four things i'm looking forward to:
- Kauai.  I can't wait to have ten days strictly dedicated to Mom, Dad, Kelcy and Paige.  No distractions, minimal phone use, renting surf boards and conquering the ocean, and getting tan while everyone else is freezing.

-Winter break.  I'll still have to worry about work, but not having to go to school will give me so much needed free time.  Six more days.  I can't wait.

-Summer in LA.  It's a semester away.  But I can't wait til I know for sure that I have an internship and I'll be spending summer in LA with Olivia and her family!

-Fall 2011 in Milan. I talk about it all the time, but I can't wait to live in Italy.  And I haven't even thought about all the traveling I'll do throughout Europe while I'm there.  And is it weird that I'm excited to use Skype more?

And now to four more lovely bloggers <3
Lindsay at scenic glory


Jamie Marie Jenkins said...

oh thanks for the tag darling! i'll get to it when i get a free sec. but it's true...i had to learn that time with myself is okay. it was hard. "i know, right?" is something i say all the time! ha.
thanks for sharing.
xoxo, jamie

char. said...

i love blog posts which are like reading your mind,
i completly agree with the four things you've learnt in the past

thankyou so much for the mention and i shall be doing this post myself soon, so cheak it out :) xxxx

stay beautiful xx

Kirsten said...

love this post of urs. def a fan of all the shows u mentioned as well, specially entourage!