Friday, October 29, 2010

i think

I think a lot when I'm alone, and right now is one of those times.  Even just driving in the car alone, I always have these thoughts going through my head.  They may not make sense to you, but they make sense to me.  So I'm just going to lay them all out...right now.

I like having my alone give me time to think, worry about me, play piano, and get things done.
I'm excited for my best friend, Paige.  Even though I only see her 30 minutes at a time, I'm glad she's found happiness in a boy and I hope it works out and she doesn't get hurt.
I like how my sister loves spending time with her boyfriend, but she also likes being apart from him so she can live her own life--and I think that's important.
I feel like in the past I've had all guy friends, and this semester it seems to be all girls.  And I like that...I can talk about things that I couldn't talk about with my guy friends (like love).
Now that it's getting closer to the Spring semester, I'm starting to regret not applying for the study abroad program in Milan.
I'm wondering if I should apply for Fall 2011, or will I change my mind again?
Although it's nice being single, I long for the day where a boy doesn't leave me after a week, two weeks, or a month.
I don't think I'm crazy....maybe the right person hasn't found me yet.  And that's fine.
 I'd rather be single until the right one comes along than spend a lot of time in a relationship that isn't going to work out in the end.
I miss summer and California.  I miss staying at the house Olivia was house-sitting, meeting new people all day (Olivia's long time friends), and I miss the adventure of it all.
I miss 3rd Street Promenade and the ocean breeze and not knowing what's going to happen next.
I miss being really "into" somebody.  It hasn't happened since summer and that might just mean that my heart knows how to protect itself now until it's right.  Maybe I just haven't found someone in Arizona that's worth it.
Now I'm just thinking too much haha...
Last one:  I really want the plan for all us to have a summer internship in LA this summer to work out.  It would be the best summer of my life.  I'd finally be moving away from home...but for work and experience instead of for school.


Maria said...

goodluck with your LA internship! good choice ;)

p.s. thank you for your comments, sweety*

x Maria

kelcy said...

i really want our LA internships to happen!! i can't wait :) xoxo

Sjaar said...

Im also a thinker.. I think about a lot of things and then go over and over and over it again.

Joy and Amore said...

wow,i love evrything you wrote here.and i'm agree for the statement about : better be single than spend a lot of time in a relationship that isn't going to work out .that so true! love your blog dear.
anyway wanna do exchange link/follow each other?

Blackswan said...

dont worry, i sometimes think too much too when really i should just let go and live!

but yes, it's always nice and vital at times to think for yourself and re-assess your life.

hope you're having a nice weekend!

thank you for dropping by and your comment!

x Your Only Blackswan

Kai.Mercado. said...

I think we all have millions of thoughts like these go through our minds daily....or at least I do..loved this post! (and I looove 3rd street....miss it too)

Amanda said...

I found you on lelove, you wrote that you think about this quote when your down:
"Don't find love, let love find you. That's why it's called falling in love, because you don't force yourself to fall, you just fall."

And then I found your blog, and you wrote this: " I don't think I'm crazy....maybe the right person hasn't found me yet. And that's fine."

And I just see myself in the things you write, its amazing. I think and feel the same, just so you know!

brookeiam said...

I don't know if you'll see this, but thank you so much Amanda. I'm really glad that you were able to see yourself in my writing :) it really made me happy.