Saturday, August 7, 2010

i wake

I wake up every morning, thankful for what I have.

I'll always have the love of my family,
my best friends,
and the people I've met and those I don't even know yet.

Even though it's hot I wake up to blue skies and sunshine,
palm trees swaying in the warm breeze,
and a city filled with possibilities.

I have the luxury of a car that can take me to the grocery store,
to work, the mall, or the gym,
and even across cities and states that offer me even more opportunities.

I have a part-time job that offers me a paycheck every two weeks,
tips after every shift,
and most importantly the ability to pay for things I have an interest in. 

Some days I feel bored.
Some days I feel busy.
I try to live everyday separately, 
but it's hard not to think about or hope for the future.  
It's difficult not to think of the past and wish you could relive a moment over and over again.  
But ultimately, I am thankful for everything I've experienced, and 
I can't wait to LIVE everyday for the rest of my life.  

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.Me said...

aw that was a lovely 1st line. Gratitude def. makes life better :*)