Thursday, July 22, 2010

the valley

It's time for vacation. The last time I went on a vacation with my roommates and best friends (Kelcy and Paige) was in January. We were in a beautiful, little place known as Hawaii. This weekend we were lucky. We were all able to get our shifts at work covered so we could take a vacation together, just the three of us. Not only are we going on vacation together, but we're meeting up and staying with our best friend, Olivia! We'll be there for three days, and that is more than enough time to spend quality time with each other all in one place while forgetting about all the stresses and drama in Arizona. While I'm also excited to see a certain boy, I am most excited to spend time in a beautiful Los Angeles with my three best friends.

I love vacations. I love LA. I love Kelky, Paigey, and Olivs < 3

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