Thursday, July 1, 2010

time to try

I've always been interested in art. One Thursday every month, my high school drama teacher would take us to the Phoenix Art Museum. It was here that we would spend two hours without direct supervision, just exploring 285,000 square feet of art work from all different eras, centuries, and mediums. The irony in all of this, however, was the fact that these museum trips sparked my interest in visual arts when I went to a purely performing arts school. Even so, I would doodle in my notebook, go to the store and buy paints and canvas, and try to teach myself how to paint and draw. Now that I am at university, I have added to my sketchbook when I'm alone, feel sad, or just get that urge to create something. Although I still really have no professional training, I look to the vast number of inspiring artists on countless websites to learn and grow.
These are some of the works that inspire me to try new mediums and get into my car and over to the art store down the street. Maybe someone there can give me a little advice.

Lastly, I'm trying to come up with my own style. Looking at P@t Perry's art, you wouldn't guess that this is how he goes about it. I hope to find my own style soon, and create a piece that can be displayed in my new house that I share with my two best friends.

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